Urgent care

Note: If this is a medical emergency please call 911

The urgent care at Redding Rancheria provides services to our patients that cannot be seen by their primary physician and don’t need to go to the ER for non life-threatening medical attention. Urgent care provides an additional option to be seen same day for minor illness or injury for those patients that cannot see their primary doctor in timely manner. Urgent care visits include: coughs, colds, ear aches, sore throat, flu symptoms, urinary symptoms, simple lacerations, fractures, sports physicals, etc. Urgent care is walk in clinic, no apt needed. If you need to be seen please come in and let us take care of you.


The Liberty Campus of Redding Rancheria offers the best care in the North state. Our providers include a skilled team of Medical and Osteopathic Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses and Medical Assistants. We offer full spectrum family practice from newborns to the elderly. We provide Adult medical exams, prenatal care, women’s health, men’s health, family planning, diabetic care, podiatry care, Child Health and Wellness exams (Child Health and Disability Program), Immunizations. We have on site Behavioral Health Services, individual and group counseling. We have On site pharmacy, laboratory services. All of our RRTHC providers are Board Certified.


The pharmacy provides safe, effective and economical drug therapy. We also assure patients understand their medications and how to use them. There is always a pharmacist available for consultations especially if you are receiving a new medication. We accept most major insurance plans including many Medicare D Plans.

Community Health

The goal of the Community Health Department is to improve health outcomes of the Redding Rancheria Tribal Health Center patients. We facilitate this through a number of health promoting community based events including; a health focused youth summer camp, diabetes prevention walk, family cooking classes, healthy holiday nutrition classes, managing the clinics onsite gym and our YMCA assistance program. Due to the prevalence of diabetes in the Native American community we strive to empower the patients to better manage their diabetes, prevent the complications of diabetes, and achieve and maintain an optimum health status. We accomplish this by providing culturally sensitive, quality comprehensive diabetes self-management and preventative programs to meet the needs of our patients.



The RRTHC dental staff strive to provide access to efficient, high quality dental care. We have a full dental staff including five dentists, one orthodontist, and five hygienists. Dental services include exams, cleanings, sealants, periodontal treatments, fillings, extractions, crowns, partials, dentures, and denture repair. We also have a program to provide braces for high risk children. We see patients of all ages, starting with children as early as 1 year old.

Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health Department provides counseling for children, adults, and families addressing a variety of areas including depression, anxiety, anger, stress, marital problems and substance abuse. The department includes one Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Family and Marriage Therapists, Behavioral Health Interns, one Substance Abuse Counselor, and a specialty provider for psychiatry.