FAQ-Pfizer Pediatric Vaccine

Will younger children get the same dose as teens and adults?

No: Pfizer aims to give 5 to 11 year olds a third of the dose that is given to everyone 12 and older.

Why should children be vaccinated from COVID-19?

While children do run a lower risk of severe illness or death than older people, COVID-19 has killed more than 630 Americans 18 and under according to the CDC. Nearly 6.2 million children have been infected with the coronavirus with more than 1.1 million infections in the last six weeks.

Is the vaccine safe for younger children?

Younger children experienced similar to fewer temporary side effects such as sore arm and achiness than teens.

Per NPR:

“Overall, the incidence of serious adverse events reported in Pfizer’s studies was less than 2 in 1,000, Ball said, and all were found to be unrelated to the vaccine. Less serious side effects occurred more often, including swollen lymph nodes in a few children and symptoms like pain at the injection site, fatigue and headache, she said.”

Will a COVID-19 vaccination protect my child from getting sick with COVID-19?

Yes. COVID-19 vaccination works by teaching your immune system how to recognize and fight the virus that causes COVID-19, and this protects your child from getting sick with COVID-19.

Will the Pfizer vaccine prevent my child from spreading COVID-19?

The Pfizer vaccine does not prevent transmission of COVID-19. However, it does greatly reduce the chances of experiencing a symptomatic COVID infection, hospitalizations, and deaths.

Can a COVID-19 vaccine make my child sick with COVID-19?

No. None of the authorized and recommended COVID-19 vaccines or COVID-19 vaccines currently in development in the United States contain the live virus that causes COVID-19. This means that a COVID-19 vaccine cannot make your child sick with COVID-19.

After getting a COVID-19 vaccine, will my child test positive for COVID-19 on a viral test?

No. Neither the recently authorized and recommended vaccines nor the other COVID-19 vaccines currently in clinical trials in the United States can cause you to test positive on viral tests, which are used to see if you have a current infection.

If my child has already had COVID-19 and recovered, do I still need to get them vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine?

Yes, your child should be vaccinated regardless of whether they already had COVID-19. That’s because experts do not yet know how long they are protected from getting sick again after recovering from COVID-19. Even if your child has already recovered from COVID-19, it is possible—although rare—that they could be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 again.

Will a COVID-19 vaccine alter my child’s DNA?

No. COVID-19 vaccines do not change or interact with your DNA in any way.